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by Virgin Active Thailand on Monday 09 May 2022

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With so many fitness options out there, it can be difficult to find the right path to success.  

Everyone’s unique in their own way, and that definitely extends to how we like to be active. That’s why it’s crucial to find something that works for you and your body. 

With this in mind, we unpack why finding a workout that fits your personality and fitness needs is key to success. Then, we explore the different focus areas and how you might prefer to workout, to give you further clarification on what type of fitness plan you’d like to pursue.

Why is it important to find a workout that suits me?

The first few times you embark on your fitness regime, it can be hard to get any motivation or rhythm when you don’t know what you like. Being driven to workout  can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when it’s something you’re not enjoying. Going in blind and getting active without a plan can mean you waste precious time and money, trying to find out what works for your body. 

When you find a method of exercising or activity plan, it can do more than just help you get fit, but also boost your mental wellbeing. But how do you know which workout plan is for you? 

Working out solo at home 

For some, working out and being active is an escape, and something you prefer to do solo at home. You may also want to work out on your own time, rather than going to a class at specific times. There’s nothing wrong with putting in your headphones, and letting your favourite workout playlist take you to ‘beast mode’. 

Whether it’s bodyweight training or a cardio workout, moving towards your fitness goals solo can be fulfilling. While you may need assistance from a personal trainer to help develop a solo program, you’ll be able to get your workout going in no time.

Improving your mobility and mindfulness 

Your fitness goals may not be focused on building mass and strength. In fact, you might be more interested in improving your body’s mobility and practicing mindfulness to improve your energy or focus. This may involve a more relaxed environment, carefully focusing on each movement to improve your physical and mental health, how you move and your energy levels.

If this is what you’re looking at improving with your fitness plan, yoga and Pilates classes could be the right fit. Yoga classes range from energetic moods that work on your athleticism, to slower paced classes that help you find an unmatched feeling of stillness.

With Pilates, both your body and mind will develop a new sense of awareness and focus. Reformer exercises can challenge you to build strength and endurance, helping boost your mobility for exercise and your daily life.

Workouts on-demand and much more

During lockdowns, on-demand exercises were the name of the game. If you can't get to a class, keeping active with an online fitness regime is the way to go. Through various videos, you can follow classes at home in your own time and keep your body moving to various types of workouts on demand - anytime anywhere.  

We've got you covered with online workouts - we've released workout videos, and they are free to our members!! Simply visit your MyLocker account, log in and click on the 'Online Workouts' icon to start your first workout today. Whether it's Yoga, Pilates, Grid Training (HIIT) or other on-demand exercise experiences, we've got you covered. And feel free to choose your own music to go with your workout, or try our At Home Workout playlists on Spotify! 

While it’s a challenging time for everyone, we’re here to help in any way we can. If you’d like to chat with us about on-demand workouts that fit your goals, feel free to chat to us online or in-club.

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