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by Lucy Birss on Monday 21 October 2019

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As a Personal Trainer, I’ve struggled with the sales aspect of my role.

Health, fitness and wellness are my passion and I love to share what I know.  When it comes to getting new clients, I prefer to let my experience and knowledge for providing solutions to my clients speak for itself. Leave the sales out of it.

One of the biggest challenges we face in the fitness industry is a level of mistrust.

The issue is, as I see it, that many people come fresh into Virgin Active gyms having already had a gym membership before. If you haven’t already guessed it, Virgin Active is very different than the standard gyms around Sydney. We’ve set ourselves apart by our focus on excellency, hiring fitness professionals with years of experience, plus additional hours of training to achieve Virgin Active standards. 

But when you come from a different gym, you might not fully understand just how exceptional our Personal Trainers are. And because of your previous experience, you don’t already know you should be utilising them in your wellness journey. 

I’ve wondered, when a person receives an induction here, whether this person leaves feeling excited about the opportunities that exist for them to further their health and wellness and achieve goals they may have had for some time but, haven’t achieved through other gym memberships they’ve had. 

I’ll be the first to admit that one quick induction just isn’t enough time for us to share with you all the benefits of Personal Training. It’s challenging to find the balance between giving enough information to get you started but not so much that you feel overwhelmed. 

So, here’s my chance to share with you the benefits of Personal Training at Virgin Active. No sales and gimmicks, so you know you can trust it.

Personal Trainers should make exercise irresistible

If you're working with the right Personal Trainer, you'll start to understand why exercise is irresistible. Even on days when you don't feel like it, you know that the outcome is worth every hour spent in the gym. You'll start to appreciate the way you feel after a workout, you'll learn what foods make you feel better everyday, and ultimately you'll see results you didn't know were possible.  

Online fitness apps shouldn’t be your main source of training

I’ve noticed many members bring their devices on to the gym floor in order to follow online fitness programs and what I see is: poor form, lack of understanding of the exercises performed (their purpose, the reason they have been programmed), a lack of specific programming for their body type, level of skill and mobility, and a lack of intensity that would actually be required to achieve the goals most of these members have come in with.

Goals are easy to set, harder to achieve

Many of us work long hours, endure long commutes, plus outside commitments such as study and/or family. These all conspire to make your health goals difficult to accomplish.

We need fixes, tips, tricks, hacks to keep us on track. We need the right programming in both exercise selection, intensity and load. More than ever, we need to be making good choices around our food. We need to be hydrated, getting adequate sleep and managing our stress levels.

You need a Personal Trainer on your bench for best results

Having a Personal Trainer on your team, someone to whom you are accountable, someone to guide you with all the elements required to achieve lasting results, is the quickest and most cost-effective support system.

Many years ago as a new Trainer in the industry, a friend suggested I ask one of the more experienced trainers to be my PT. I approached a Personal Trainer I’d heard great things about and asked him to train me.

He surprised me by suggesting that we first go for coffee to talk. Coffee? For my first personal training session? I went and I was so glad I did. I still remember the rough graph he drew for me on the back of a napkin. He said if I worked by myself, I would achieve a good level of results in 6 months, but that if I worked with him, I would achieve this same level of results in just 3 months.

That graph was the most simple and accurate representation of what working with a good Personal Trainer would look like.

You would not believe the results you can achieve when working with a Personal Trainer. They will inspire you, challenge you, listen to you, care for you, monitor you and they will make sure that it is money well spent.

Achieve goals, and know it's money worth spending

We know adding a Personal Trainer to your team is an added expense. But as they say, there is no price you can put on the price of your health.

If you want to achieve goals, be they fat loss, muscle gain, reshaping, increased fitness, recovery from injury, increased wellness, your best investment is to commit to a Personal Trainer. Come into the relationship with the goal of working together for 3 months, and get ready to see the results you’ve been seeking.

We offer a multitude of exceptional Personal Trainers who can help you achieve your personal goals. Stop by reception today and fill out an enquiry card to get matched with the perfect Personal Trainer for you! 

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