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by Virgin Active Thailand on Friday 13 May 2022

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“I’m running on empty after long hours at work, guess I’ll postpone my work out for another day”. Battling with meetings and piles of work all day, and then mustering whatever energy is left to exercise at the gym? It’s enough to demoralise anyone"

To help you get to your peak physical fitness goal, Virgin Active has a few nifty tricks to get rid of laziness that’s dragging you down and restart your fitness engine to get you to your fitness goal. 

Don’t fixate solely on results and live in the moment

Everybody dreams of the perfect physique, but obsessing over the outcome of when you’ll get those chiseled abs will only put more unneeded pressure on yourself, and lead to an unmotivated work out.

 A way to start living in the moment, is to start setting small goals for yourself first. For instance, if you’d like to lose 5 kilograms – you should not be focusing too much on having to lose how much and by when. Assess yourself in the present moment, if you haven’t kept up with a regular exercise routine for several months.

Your first goal you should be focusing on that week would be to accumulate 4 hours of exercise to readjust your body, and this should be the only goal on your mind. And reassess your results at the end of that week, and slowly adjust your work out regime to get you back on your fitness journey.

 Think of it as a game

One of the first reasons preventing you from wanting to visit your gym is probably because you are already imagining being tired and sore muscles from your workout before even starting. Try thinking differently, because just moving your body is already a form of exercise.

 Nowadays, there are plenty of Fitness Trackers out there to help monitor your movements and activities throughout the day - whether it be walking, running, and other calorie-burning activities. You can even set your daily exercise target, just like a mission straight out of game.

 You can be flexible, as long as you have a plan 

Another popular excuse many people like to use is “I’m already tired all day, please just let me rest today”. Whatever set plans you might have can always be adjusted according to your daily life, let’s face it –

not everything in life goes according to plan. 

Virgin Active clubs have equipment able to link up with fitness tracking that you have. Once your tiredness can be tracked and adjusted, you won’t have any excuses for not visiting the gym.  

If you have any questions about nutrition and fitness, our personal trainers are more than happy to help. Whether you’re already a member at Virgin Active member or are considering joining, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today.



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